Spring 1972



Spring 1972

Table of Contents


“2001” and the Literary Sensibility

“A Sensible Way to Play the Fool”: Melville’s “The Confidence Man”

Christian Socialism Comes to Georgia: The Christian Commonwealth Colony

Csardas at Salt Springs: Southern Culture in 1888

Georgica: Book I

Narcissus in North Carolina: Harold Grier McCurdy


Bob and the Other Man


A Barbed Wire Fence

American Gothic

The Evidence


on Something to Answer For by P. H. Newby; The Public Image by Muriel Spark; The Nice and the Good by Iris Murdoch; Impossible Object by Nicholas Mosley; & From Scenes Like These by Gordon M. Williams

on The Philosophy of Josiah Royce by John K. Roth

on Thomas Wolfe: A Checklist by Elmer D. Johnson

on Tragic Occasions: Essays on Several Forms by B. L. Reid

on William James by Bernard P. Brennan

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