Spring 1986


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Spring 1986

Table of Contents


A Long Wail

A Portrait of Elmer

America Is One Long Bloody Fight



College Life

Family Album

Forby and the Mayan Maidens

Fra Lippi and Me

From the Bottom Up

From the Mountains of Pike


I Dated Jane Austen

Manly Conclusions

My Real Estate


Ride, Fly, Penetrate, Loiter

Robert Louis Stevenson Banks, a.k.a. Chimley

Sleepy Time Gal

The Bottomless Well

The Burial

The Confidence Man

The Cookies

The Editor of A

The Final Proof of Fate and Circumstance

The Idiocy of Rural Life

The James Boys Ride Again

The Jesus Flag

The Snow That Is Nothing in the Triangle

The World Is A Bed

This Heat

Too Soon Solos

Wild Goose Chase

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