Spring 1991



Spring 1991

Table of Contents


Being at Two with Nature

Politics in Literature, Literature in Politics

The Rub

The Truth Beyond Facts: Journalism and Literature

The World Is Large and Full of Noises: Thoughts on Translation

Why It Must Be Abstract



Signs and Wonders



A Letter from Margaret to Her Sister

April’s Anarchy

Auntie Anthem

Autobiography in Green

Bad Lay

Big Boy




Owl and Mouse in a Cage

Poem in Orange Tones


Stone Soup; What the Keyhole Was; & Big Black Car

Swaggers into Sound of Mind

The Flowering Crab

The Moment Before the Song Begins

This Waking Unafraid



“Monks Pond” and the Slough of Despond: Crisis in the Cloister and the Flight from the Feminine (on Monks Pond: Thomas Merton’s Little Magazine by Robert E. Daggy & Thomas Merton’s Art of Denial: The Evolution of a Radical Humanist by David D. Cooper)

Auditory Imagination: The Sense of Sound (on Blessed Coming Off Ladders by Pamela Gross; Let Evening Come by Jane Kenyon; The City in Which I Love You by Li-Young Lee; The Drowned River by Thomas Lux; on Echoes of the Unspoken by Wayne Dodd)

on Articles of War: A Collection of American Poetry about World War II by Leon Stokesbury

on Breathing under Water and Other East European Essays by Stanislaw Baranczak

on The Anatomy of Philosophical Style: Literary Philosophy and the Philosophy of Literature by Berel Lang

on The Death of Literature by Alvin Kernan

The Landscape of Story (on The Long White by Sharon Dilworth; Wind by Leigh Allison Wilson; Useful Gifts by Carole L. Glickfeld; & On the Island by Josephine Jacobsen)

The Literary Essay: Going Everywhere, Doing Everything (on A Sympathy of Souls by Albert Goldbarth; Maps to Anywhere by Bernard Cooper; & The Tyrannies of Virtue: The Cultural Criticism of John P. Sisk by Chris Anderson)

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