Spring 1993



Spring 1993

Table of Contents


Digging for Vulnerability

From Here

Replacing Memory

Skunk Dreams

The Contemporary Poet and the Natural World


Landscape and Dream

Rainy-Day Ears


At the Ravine

Close to Trees

Emissaries & Till My Teeth Rattle

Four Cut Sunflowers, One Upside Down

Making. Rain

The Bramble

The Council

To Be a Folder of the Creek

Total Eclipse


Wave & Particle & “Winter, Leper of the World”

Wearing a Human Face


wise guy


Is It My Turn to Tell One Yet? (on Stunts by Carole Simmons Oles; Antonio & Clara by David Giannini; Drawing Water by F. Bjórnson Stock; Memories of Light by Robin Greene; & Tornadoes by Robert Hedin)

on At Odds with Progress: Americans and Conservation by Bret Wallach

on For Love of the World: Essays on Nature Writers by Sherman Paul

on Spirit and Nature: Why the Environment Is a Religious Issue—An Interfaith Dialogue by Steven C. Rockefeller and John C. Elder

on The Forgotten Language: Contemporary Poets and Nature by Christopher Merrill

on The Living by Annie Dillard

on The Meadow by James Galvin

on The Ninemile Wolves by Rick Bass

on Treasures of the Place: Three Centuries of Nature Writing in Canada by Wayne Grady

on Where the Bluebird Sings to the Lemonade Springs: Living and Writing in the West by Wallace Stegner

Re-creating Thoreau for Boutique and Backpack (on The Winged Life: The Poetic Voice of Henry David Thoreau by Robert Bly; A Yearning toward Wildness: Environmental Quotations from the Writings of Henry David Thoreau by Tim Homan; & Henry David Thoreau: An American Landscape by Robert L. Rothwell)

The Woods Around It (on Wildwood Flower by Kathryn Stripling Byer; New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver; The Rain that Falls this Far by Dennis Hinrichsen; As If by James Richardson; & The Wild Iris by Louise Glück)