Spring 1995



Spring 1995

Table of Contents

Special Feature

A Paradise of One’s Own: Odysseas Elytis

A Reader’s Guide to García Márquez’s “Macondiad”

Brodsky and the Grounding of Poetry

Camilo José Cela: The Rejection of the Ordinary

Czesław Miłosz: The Laureate of Exiles

Derek Walcott: Either Nobody—or a Nation

Divination by Ashes: An Introduction to Claude Simon

Eulogy to the Fable Nobel Lecture, 8 December 1989

Halldór Laxness and the Sagas of Modern Iceland

In Search of the Present Nobel Lecture, 8 December 1990

Japan, the Ambiguous, and Myself Nobel Lecture, 7 December 1994

Kenzaburo Ōe: An Imaginative Anarchist with a Heart

Lasting Laurels, Enduring Words

Nadine Gordimer: The Realism of Possibility

Naguib Mahfouz: Life in the Alley of Arab History

Nobel Acceptance Lecture, 1955

Nobel Lecture, 12 December 1976

Nobel Lecture, 1970

Nobel Lecture, 7 December 1993

Nobel Lecture, 8 December 1979

Nobel Lecture, 8 December 1980 & One More Contradiction

Nobel Lecture, 8 December 1986

Nobel Lecture, 8 December 1987

Nobel Lecture, 8 December 1988

Nobel Lecture, 9 December 1985

Octavio Paz: Otherness and the Search for the Present

Saul Bellow: “What, in all of this, speaks for man?”

The Antilles: Fragments of Epic Memory Nobel Lecture, 7 December 1992

The Literary Legacy of Alfred Nobel

The Solitude of Latin America Nobel Lecture, 8 December 1982

The Worlds That Toni Morrison Made

Wole Soyinka: Mythopoesis and the Agon of Democracy

Writing and Being Nobel Lecture, 7 December 1991

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