Spring 2006



Spring 2006

Table of Contents




A Terrible Thing

Back across the Light Years


The Painted Snake



Ghosts & First Music Lesson

Hey, Gerald

I Forgot What I Was Going to Say

In the Rose Light & The Gift

Innocence & Library Days

Manure: Some Remarks on Older Age & Recovery

Now There’s a River


Rereading Frost

Scribal: My Mother in the Voting Booth

Stazione Centrale

What It Was Like & Big Bull and Little Dog


Recent History


A Bright, Discerning Light (on Occasions of Sin: A Memoir by Sandra Scofield; Scraping By in the Big Eighties by Natalia Rachel Singer; Grace Notes: The Waking of a Woman’s Voice by Heidi Hart; Wyoming Trucks, True Love, and the Weather Channel: A Woman’s Adventure by Jeffe Kennedy; and Just Beneath My Skin: Autobiography and Self-Discovery by Patricia Foster)

Form and Range (on Fourteen on Form: Conversations with Poets by William Baer and Range of the Possible: Conversations with Contemporary Poets by Tod Marshall)

Grouching toward Bethlehem: A Look at First Books (on The Book of Funnels by Christian Hawkey; The Chronic Liar Buys a Canary by Elizabeth Edwards; The Keepsake Storm by Gina Franco; Sea of Faith by John Brehm; Beautiful Trouble by Amy Fleury; and In the Ghost-House Acquainted by Kevin Goodan)

on A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit

on Drawn to Extremes: The Use and Abuse of Editorial Cartoons by Chris Lamb

on Eating Stone: Imagination and the Loss of the Wild by Ellen Meloy

on In the Blue Pharmacy: Essays on Poetry and Other Transformations by Marianne Boruch

On the Edge (on The Train to Lo Wu by Jess Row; The Apple’s Bruise by Lisa Glatt; People I Wanted to Be by Gina Ochsner; We’re in Trouble by Christopher Coake; and Other Electricities by Ander Monson)


On Resistance: An Interview with Barry Lopez