Spring 2014



Spring 2014

Table of Contents


Secret Information

Still Life with Peaches

The Pharmacy of Pain Dissuasion: America’s Addictive Faith in Psychoactive Drugs

The Wind in the Fire: Sentimentality and the Movement of the Mind


All the Time in the World

Jules Verne Seeks Dreamers for Long-Distance Travel in Time

Mad Woman in the Attic


Cheap Seats & As an old man

Do Not Overinflate

Early in Winter & Digression

East Tennessee; Nashville 1945; Willadean McIlvane; & Looking at William Christenberry’s Tenant House II, 1960


She Recalls a Book of Sayings

Sod House Grit & Winter’s Glory

The Dead

Two Small Portraits

White Peaches


Flora Fantastica


on Book of Ages: The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin by Jill Lepore

on door of thin skins by Shira Dentz

on Guilty Knowledge, Guilty Pleasure: The Dirty Art of Poetry by William Logan

on I Was Thinking of Beauty by Sydney Lea

on Nine Inches: Stories by Tom Perrotta

Time, Story, and Lyric in Contemporary Poetry