Summer 1964


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Summer 1964

Table of Contents


A Plea for Common Sense

Corra Harris Goes to War

Glasgow’s and Cabell’s Comedies of Virginia

Money for Politics

Some Southern Folk Remedies

The “Hurricane” Place Names in Georgia

The Georgia Industrial Loan Act of 1955

The Letters of Thomas Holley Chivers

Usher’s Fall; Poe’s Rise


A Long Wail

Harvest of the Oaten Time


Artist’s Notes


The Gull: A Murder Mystery

The Saga of Glug



on Ante-Bellum Southern Literary Critics by Edd Winfield Parks

on Dorothy and Red by Vincent Sheean

on The Journal of Peter Gordon, 1732-1735 by E. Merton Coulter

on The Papers of John C. Calhoun. Vol. I, 1801-1817 by Robert L. Meriwether

on The Papers of John C. Calhoun. Volume II, 1817-1818 by W. Edwin Hemphill

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