Summer 1965


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Summer 1965

Table of Contents


“The Sunny South” and Its Literature

Atlanta’s Pioneer Skyscraper

Byron Herbert Reece: A Personal Memoir with Letters

Hunting in the Old South, edited by Clarence Gohdes

Joseph E. Brown and the University of Georgia

The Case of the Silent Singer: A Revaluation of “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter”


Home for the Bed

In the Dark No Lamp

Peake’s Pond


At the Exclusive Beach Club in the Winter

Beach Storm

Died November 6, 1963

Rain in the Grand Canyon

Siesta Confab

The Actor


on A Circle of Stone by Miller Williams

on The American Civil War: An English View by Field Marshal Viscount Wolseley, James A. Rawley

on The Seven Days: The Emergence of Lee by Clifford Dowdey

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