Summer 1967


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Summer 1967

Table of Contents


Bright College Years

Charlestown’s Forgotten Tea Party

That Beautiful Dream of a Revolution Fifty Years Ago

The American Civil War and the Atlantic Community

The Olin Downes Papers

The Other Uncle Remus

Theodore Roosevelt: Champion of “Governmental Aesthetics”

With All Stops Out


Mote in the Pond’s Eye

The Jesus Flag

The Samovar

Under Silent Stars


Autumn Equinox

God Is Dead

I Sound These Poems Over

Old Chinook Singing

To a Poet, After Services


on Captain Alden Partridge and the United States Military Academy, 1806-1833 by Lester A. Webb

on Essays, Speeches, and Public Letters by William Faulkner James B. Meriwether

on Heroes’ Twilight by Bernard Bergonzi

on Swift’s Use of the Bible, A Documentation and a Study in Allusion by Charles A. Beaumont


Portraits of Georgia Slaves, edited by Tom Landess

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