Summer 1969



Summer 1969

Table of Contents


Making Sense of the Movies

The City of Woe: Flannery O’Connor’s Dantean Vision

The Film as Poem

There Is No Russian Word for Privacy

Wordsworth and the Ghost in the Mind: The Seductions of Metaphor


Old Maids

You Know What I Mean?


A Memory of War: (For George Seferis)

The Drowned Man (1796); The Grandfather; The Paw; The Grandmother; & Chill from Sunlight

To a Young Playwright: (With Respects to Hart Crane); The Moonshade Cat; To the One Who Works on the Land; & On the Death of James, Gerbil


on An Artist and the Pope by Curtis Bill Pepper

on Flannery O’Connor by Robert Drake; Charles Williams by Mary McDermott Shideler; &Ernest Hemingway by Nathan A. Scott, Jr.

on Flint from the Fire by Raymond Allen Cook

on History of Mexican Literature by Carlos González Peña, Gusta Barfield Nance, Florene Johnson Dunstan

on Mark Twain as Critic by Sydney J. Krause

on Renoir: The Man, the Painter, and His World by Lawrence Hanson

on The Aesthetics of Robert Schumann by Thomas Alan Brown

on The Half Gods by Charles G. Bell

on The Hawk’s Done Gone by Mildred Haun

on The Letters of Thomas Wolfe to His Mother by C. Hugh Holman, Sue Fields Ross

on The Notebooks of Andre Walter by André Gide

on The Process of Kafka’s Trial by Adrian Jaffe

on The Process of Kafka’s Trial by Adrian Jaffe

on The Strength of Government by McGeorge Bundy

on The Understanding of Dreams by Raymond de Becker

on Theatre Notebook: 1947-67 by Jan Kott

on Women in Soviet Fiction, 1917-1964 by Xenia Gasiorowska

on Zola, Cezanne and Manet: A Study of L’oeuvre by Robert J. Niess