Summer 1970



Summer 1970

Table of Contents


Criticism, Politics and History: The Matter of Yeats

Mr. Davidson in the Formal Garden

Style and Sacrament in Modernist Writing

The Hamilton Way

Up Top Amongst None: Life in the Georgia Appalachians Part Two


The Decline and Fall of Officer Fergerson


For a Young Pilot Who Once Ejected above the Sierras without a Parachute and Lived

For Cynthia; Girl in a Gallery; & A Russian Wish


Love Poem Under the Sun & The Esthetic of Furniture

My Old Man & The Smelt Run


on Poe: Journalist and Critic by Robert D. Jacobs

on A Set of Variations by Frank O’Connor, Harriet O’Donovan

on Comparative Literature: Matter and Method by A. Owen Aldridge

on Controversy in the Twenties: Fundamentalism, Modernism, and Evolution by Willard B. Gatewood, Jr.

on Democracy in the Old South and Other Essays by Fletcher Melvin Green, J. Isaac Copeland

on Edwin Arlington Robinson’s Letters to Edith Brower by Richard Cary

on Essays in Later Medieval History by E. F. Jacob

on Henry James: The Treacherous Years, 1895-1901 by Leon Edel

on Negro Legislators in Georgia During the Reconstruction Period by E. Merton Coulter

on Something Like Horace: Studies in the Art and Allusion of Pope’s Horatian Satires by John M. Aden

on Tennysonian Love: The Strange Diagonal by Gerhard Joseph

on The Columbian Magazine and American Literary Nationalism by William J. Free

on The Country Gentry in the Fourteenth Century with Special Reference to the Heraldic Rolls of Arms by Noel Denholm-Young

on The Importance of Language by Max Black

on The Long Boy and Others by B. L. Reid

on The Passages of Thought: Psychological Representation in the American Novel, 1870-1900 by Gordon O. Taylor