Summer 1977



Summer 1977

Table of Contents


A Touching Compulsion: Wordsworth and the Problem of Literary Representation

Hemingway’s Uncanny Beginnings

I Wonder What Mr. Santini Dreamed

Soundings for Home: Frost’s Poetry of Extravagance and Return

The Interpreter’s Self: Peirce on the Cartesian “Subject”

Uriel’s Cloud: Emerson’s Rhetoric

Vibratory Organism: Seeing Nature Whole


Albert Speer—18 April 1945; Albert Speer—20 April 1945; & 2200 Hours

He Writes an Old Girlfriend and Asks Her to Have an Affair with Him

It Is Dangerous to Be the Conductor

Relative Amnity

Return & Visits to Other Cities

Stone Carving: August & What Was Happening Later at Night

The Colony & The Maple Works

The Hero at Midnight & Above the Port

With the Remover to Remove


Flannery O’connor Country on Film


A Feast of Snakes by Harry Crews; & The Year the Lights Came On by Terry Kay

Emblem and Expression: Meaning in English Art of the Eighteenth Century by Ronald Paulson; & The Art of Hogarth by Ronald Paulson

Excursions: Selected Literary Essays by Robert Boyers

Figures of Capable Imagination by Harold Bloom

Geography III by Elizabeth Bishop; & Reflections on Espionage by John Hollander

on James Ensor by John David Farmer; & Johan Zoffany, 1733-1810 by Mary Webster

on Keats and the Sublime by Stuart A. Ende; & The Limits of Imagination: Wordsworth, Yeats, and Stevens by Helen Regueiro