Summer 1980



Summer 1980

Table of Contents


Martin Luther and the Art of the Gloss


The Palgrave Version

The United Nations: Option for Survival

Ut Coitus Lectio: The Poet as Lovemaker

Washington Allston and the Aesthetics of Parody

Words and Images: Harmony and Dissonance


“from” Wilderness Plots

A Journal for the New Tear (Resolutions, Memos, Whimsies)

Neither the Question nor the Answer


A Good Life

A River Running By & Back in the States


Beginning at the Beginning

Beyond Belief


Green Tomatoes & Sing and Dance

Hotel Fire: New Orleans

If You Have an Enemy

In the Middle of a Plowed Field, A Rock

On Stage

Protective Colors

Safe in Shade

The Reckoning

Volo Ut Sis


Deconstruction as Dogma, or, “Come Back to the Raft Ag’in, Strether Honey!” (on Deconstruction and Criticism by Harold Bloom, Paul de Man, Jacques Derrida, Geoffrey Hartman, J. Hillis Miller)

Missingeria and Literary Health (on The Executioner’s Song by Norman Mailer; White House Years by Henry Kissinger; Letters by John Barth; It Looked Like For Ever by Mark Harris; Tethered by David Martin; Days by Mary Robison; & The Ghost Writer by Philip Roth)

on Christopher Isherwood: A Critical Biography by Brian Finney; & Isherwood: A Biography by Jonathan Fryer

on Defoe and Fictional Time by Paul K. Alkon; & The World of Defoe by Peter Earle

on The Dream of the Golden Mountains: Remembering the 1930s by Malcolm Cowley

Resemblances and Transformations (on Succession by Mary Swander; Rising and Falling by William Matthews; Twelve Moons by Mary Oliver; The Cry of Oliver Hardy by Michael Heffernan; Sunday by Thomas Lux; Notes from the Castle by Howard Moss; & As We Know by John Ashbury)

Seeing Laughter Steadily and Whole (on Comedy High & Low: An Introduction to the Experience of Comedy by Maurice Charney; & The Last Laugh: Form and Affirmation in the Contemporary American Comic Novel by Ronald Wallace)

Some Manhattan in New England, Some Enchantment in Ohio (on The Best American Short Stories 1979 by Joyce Carol Oates, Shannon Ravenel; Rope Dances by David Porush; The Drum Concerto by Emily Katharine Harris; Da Vinci’s Bicycle by Guy Davenport; Tales from the Blue Stacks by Robert Bernen; Childhood and Other Neighborhoods by Stuart Dybek; Tales of the Ohio Land by Jack Matthews; & “Wilderness Plots” by Scott Sanders)

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