Summer 1982



Summer 1982

Table of Contents

Special Feature

Chief Joseph of The Nez Perce


Milford’s “Zelda” and the Poetics of the New Feminist Biography

Standing on the Extreme Verge in “King Lear” and Other High Places

Storytelling in Early Afro-American Fiction: Frederick Douglass’ “The Heroic Slave”

The Politics of Development: The Social Psychology of Erik Krikson


Obediah’s Wings

The James Boys Ride Again

This Heat


A Fine Day for Straw Hats


another poem that returns him to his beginnings

Conquering the Night Jasmine


Feeding the Ducks


In a Different House

Just Now

Old Woman Yelling Another Version

On the Shore of Onondaga

Some Other Body

The Childless

The Names of the Rapids

The Visit

Today I Am Envying the Glorious Mexicans

What Comes Back


Hawks at Length (on Hawks on Hawks by Joseph McBride)

on Foreigners: The Making of American Literature, 1900-1940 by Marcus Klein

on Solomon’s Daughter by C. E. Poverman

on The Greeks by Kenneth Dover

The Con Man as Covert Cultural Hero (on The Confidence Man in American Literature by Gary Lindberg)

The Objective Mode in Contemporary Lyric Poetry (on Antarctic Taveller by Katha Pollitt; Northern Lights by Susan Ludvigson; The Expectations of Light by Pattiann Rogers; For the Sleepwalkers by Edward Hirsch; & Brotherly Love by Daniel Hoffman)


Poetry as a Way of Life: An Interview with Robert Penn Warren

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