Summer 1985



Summer 1985

Table of Contents


A Consuming Passion: Food and “Film Noir”

Sourdoughs, Filibusters, and a One-Eared Mule

The Intentional Alligator

The Seducer and the Seduced


Dog Song

Mister Argus



About Talking

After the Company Moves Out, History Seeks Its Level


Keeping Change

Notes for a Prayer in June


Preposterous & The Real World

Sometimes We Throw Things in the Car, Fast

The Fault

The Garden of Eden

The Heart as Dog

Treasuring the Snapshot

Wanting Winter

Watching the Boy Watching the Funeral from the Riverbed

Where Tide

Why the Shakers Didn’t Write Poetry


Breaking the Family Rhythms (on We Are Not in This Together by William Kittredge; The Invention of Flight by Susan Neville; Fetching the Dead by Scott R. Sanders; & Wind and Birds and Human Voices by Ellen Wilbur)

Contemporary American Poetry: Does the Material World Exist? (on The Lamplit Answer by Gjertrud Schnackenberg; The Late Wisconsin Spring by John Koethe; Each Leaf Shines Separate by Rosanna Warren; Fugitive Angels by Jeanne Murray Walker; & For the New Year by Eric Pankey)

on All the Olympians: A Biographical Portrait of the Irish Literary Renaissance by Ulick O’Connor

on Faces in a Single Tree; A Cycle of Monologues by Robert Pack

on James Dickey: The Poet As Pitchman by Neal Bowers

on Shakespearean Politics: Government and Misgovernment in the Great Histories by C. G. Thayer

on The Essays, Articles and Reviews of Evelyn Waugh by Donat Gallagher

on The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton by Michael Mott

on Unless Soul Clap Its Hands: Portraits and Passages by Erika Duncan

on Women and Death: Linkages in Western Thought and Literature by Beth Ann Bassein

Poetry Chapbooks: Things Invisible to See (on Engraved on Air by Millard Dunn; January Fire by Corrinne Hales; White Lies by Lane Jennings; Digging for Shark Teeth by Rick Lott; An American Peace by Peter Oresick; Woman in White by Toney Teague; The Glow by Robert Wrigley; & The American Zimmer by Paul Zimmer)