Summer 1991



Summer 1991

Table of Contents


Fractions of Life


Motion Sickness: Strangers in Our Own Dying?

Notes from the Ecological Depths

Population Growth and Environmental Security

The Ikon Carver

The Speed of Light


Easter Dresses

Keeping the Beat

Open-Heart Surgery


Circle of Women

Naming the Stone



Razzy, Dazzy Turns to Jazz: 1900

Sand and Blue-Green Algae

The Great Depression

The Head of the Devil

The Love

The Voices; Will the Real Shakespeare Please Stand Up?; & Sixteenth Century, Brush and Ink: A Hermit on a Riverbank


Every Poet in His Humor (on Narcissus Dreaming by Dabney Stuart; The Past, The Future, The Present: Poems Selected and New by Reed Whittemore; Distance from Loved Ones by James Tate; Popular Culture by Albert Goldbarth; Why We Live with Animals by Alvin Greenberg; Collected Poems: 1939-1989 by William Jay Smith; & The Death of Cock Robin by W. D. Snodgrass)

Novellas for the Nineties (on A Theftby Saul Bellow; The Bellarosa Connection by Saul Bellow; I Lock My Door Upon Myself by Joyce Carol Oates; American Earthquakes by Constance Urdang; & War Babies by Frederick Busch)

on A Howard Nemerov Reader by Howard Nemerov

on Banned in Ireland: Censorship and the Irish Writer by Julia Carlson

on Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius by Ray Monk

on Omeros by Derek Walcott

on Real Presences by George Steiner

on The Content of Our Character: A New Vision of Race in America by Shelby Steele

on The High Spirits: Stories of Men and Women by David Huddle

The Calm Between the Storms (on The Rushdie File by Lisa Appignanesi and Sara Maitland; Salman Rushdie: Sentenced to Death by W. J. Weatherby; A Satanic Affair: Salman Rushdie and the Rage of Islam by Malise Ruthven; & The Rushdie Affair: The Novel, the Ayatollah, and the West by Daniel Pipes)

Wolfwatching by Ted Hughes