Summer 1998



Summer 1998

Table of Contents



Pacific City: Walking the Edge of the Civilized World

Poets, Poetry, and the Spiritual



Flood Relief

Kwash Babies

Sea Dogs

Watching Girls Play


A Disquisition upon the Soul

Coal Road

Evening Out


Leaving Chillon

Midwest: An Ode

Near Last Chance

Song of My Self

Squalor House

Still Here

The Children’s Book of Knowledge

The More We Know, the Less We Feel Until

The Owning Stone

The Summer of the Comet

The voice of the light

Your Mother’s Harmonica


Spirit and Shadow


In Place (on The Springs of Affection: Stories of Dublin by Maeve Brennan; Under The Red Flag by Ha Jin; She Loved Me Once and Other Stories by Lester Goran; and Quake by Nance Van Winckel)

Literary Biographers: Looking over Their Shoulders (on William Wordsworth: A Poetic Life by John L. Mahoney; Byron: The Flawed Angel by Phyllis Grosskurth; and W. B. Yeats: A Life, Volume I: The Apprentice Mage, 1865-1914 by R. F. Foster)

on Resistance of the Heart: Intermarriage and the Rosenstrasse Protest in Nazi Germany by Nathan Stoltzfus

on The Sky, the Stars, the Wilderness by Rick Bass

Simplicities (on From Darkening Porches by Jo McDougall; Journey Fruit: Poems and a Memoir by Kinereth Gensler; What the Living Do by Marie Howe; The Yellow Transparents by Joan Aleshire; and Sky and Island Light by Brendan Galvin)

Walking the Two Landscapes (on Fear Falls Away and Other Essays from Hard and Rocky Places by Janice Emily Bowers; A Wild, Rank Place: One Year on Cape Cod by David Gessner; and Boundary Waters: The Grace of the Wild by Paul Gruchow)