Summer 2002



Summer 2002

Table of Contents


Dancing in Alabama

Mr. Huger’s Dictionary

The Trains



A Jeweler’s Eye for Flaw


The Owl of Minerva




Divine Love & Moses

Eye of Beholder; Moonology; Fahrenheit 451; Alteration; & Jan. 31st: Degrees of the Same Thing

In Development No. 3

Ode to Ordinariness

Preparatory Meditation; Touch Me Not; & The Coronary Garden

Sudden movements

The Tract

To Ithaca

Ultrasound & Fifty Mothers


Punchinello’s Journey


Knit One, Purl Two (on Who Is My Neighbor? by Minta Sue Berry; Yellow by Don Lee; The Hunger Bone: Rock and Roll Stories by Debra Marquart; Faithless: Tales of Transgression by Joyce Carol Oates; and My Lord Bag of Rice: New and Selected Stories by Carol Bly)

on Loss Within Loss: Artists in the Age of AIDS by Edmund White

on Queen for a Day: Selected and New Poems by Denise Duhamel

Serious Reading in Serious Trouble (on Listening to the Page: Adventures in Reading and Writing by Alan Cheuse; The Crafty Reader by Robert E. Scholes; and Marginalia: Readers Writing in Books by H. J. Jackson)

Thinking About Love (on Orpheus and Eurydice by Gregory Orr; Against Love Poetry by Eavan Boland; The Other Life by Andrea Hollander Budy; The Tether by Carl Phillips; The Seven Ages by Louise Glück; Given Sugar, Given Salt by Jane Hirshfield; and Vectors: Aphorisms and Ten-Second Essays by James Richardson)

This Point in Space and Time (on The Boy with the Thorn in His Side: A Memoir by Keith Fleming; Honky by Dalton Conley; Dreaming of Columbus: A Boyhood in the Bronx by Michael Pearson; Winning the Dust Bowl by Carter Revard; and Cidermaster of Rio Oscura by Harvey Frauenglass)