Summer 2005



Summer 2005

Table of Contents


“The Piano Has Been Drinking”: On the Art of the Rant

Jonah: The Book of the Question

The Eagle, the Olive Branch, and the Dream: Changing Perceptions of America in the World

The Kingdom of Heaven



Metal Fatigue

The Engraving


Against Pleasure & Sound View

Double Abecedarian: 1963 & Double Abecedarian: Please Give Me

Hometown Duet

Hotel Boccadasse

Q and A Step Out

Rounds: After Pascal

Sermon of the Garbage Heap

The Batteries

The Caldera & Thoughts at Paliani

Via Appia


Self-Portraits as Saints


“Mille Tenderesse, T” (on The Complete Stories of Truman Capote and Too Brief a Treat: The Letters of Truman Capote, edited by Gerald Clarke

Hello, Sky (on Primer for Non-Native Speakers by Philip Metres; October by Louise Glück; Festival Bone by Karen Rigby; The Everyday Apocalypse by David Thomas Lloyd; Metropolitan Bird Culture by Becky Peterson; Water Stories by Brighde Mullins; Sinners in the Hands: Selections from the Catalog by Ann Killough; and Most Wanted by Muriel Nelson)

on Hatchet Jobs: Writings on Contemporary Fiction by Dale Peck

on On Bullshit by Harry G. Frankfurt

on Running with the Bulls by Valerie Hemingway

on The Solid Form of Language by Robert Bringhurst

on The Two Roads Taken by Dannie Abse

Poetic Modernism and the Oceanic Divide (on New British Poetry, edited by Don Paterson and Charles Simic