Summer 2008



Summer 2008

Table of Contents

Special Feature

Dear Folks: Letters Home, 1964-72

Degrees of Gray in Philipsburg; The Milltown Union Bar; Second Chances; & At the Cabin

Dick Hugo’s Green Sport Coat

Dreaming Richard Hugo

Hugo in Colorado

Letter to Hugo from Athens: An Introduction

Richard Hugo, Poet: 1923-82

What Thou Lovest Well


Listening to Gershwin

Shelf Life: Battling Overwhelmedness


The Color of Darkness


Black Snake & Steadiness



Light Pink Octagon

On Deck

Plain Fact & Impossibilities: Wild Landscape with Children



Walking with Ruskin


on The Formalesque: A Guide to Modern Art and Its History by Bernard Smith

On Unlearning to Fly by Jennifer Brice

Time After Time (on Our Former Lives in Art by Jennifer S. Davis; The Gateway: Stories by T. M. McNally; Tell Borges If You See Him: Tales of Contemporary Somnambulism by Peter LaSalle)

White Heat (on A Little Salvation: Poems Old and New by Judson Mitcham; Outlaw Style by R. T. Smith; Foiled Again by J. Allyn Rosser; Cleaning a Rainbow by Gary Gildner; and A New Hunger by Laure-Anne Bosselaar)