Summer 2017



Summer 2017

Table of Contents



Driving the West Desert at Night

Impermanent Man

The Consort

The Proposal


Against Summer

Boy, Dirty, Aged Twelve

Écorché with Terminal Ballistics

I Fly I Fly & Questions the Ghosts Have Asked Me

In Praise of My Manicure

Our Agora

Outside the Door

Speak to Me

The Eccentric French Song and Dance Man of Grand Rapids

The Failure of My Music

The White Poet Wants to Know Why I Don’t Write More Arab Poems


What’s Wrong with Me?


on Landscape with Headless Mama by Jennifer Givhan

on Spells for Victory and Courage by Dana Fitz Gale

Songs of Our Nonselves

The Wake of Negative Space: Narrating Loss in Two Recent Novellas