Summer 2018



Summer 2018

Table of Contents


“feeling it trying to feel it through”: Politicized Solitudes in Adrienne Rich’s Later Work

Bosch in the Burning World

from “If & When”

On Not Reviewing Joan Didion’s South and West: From a Notebook

The Novelist’s Event: Fact, Fiction, and a Writer’s Search for a Universal Subject



Les Maux de la joie

Out of the Darkness

The Stork and the Fires

West of Flat Rock



A Postmortem Guide & A Postmortem Guide (2)

Afternoon Sun at the End of Summer

Domestic This

How Much Distance

Joiner’s Hammer

Lady Macbeth

Obituary for Silence & The Ancestors Remain Unhelpful with the Recent Tide of Events

That Autumn & The Normal

The Fens, 1630s

The Slash

What I Asked


Naming the Absence

on Brass by Xhenet Aliu

on Cherokee Road Kill by Celia Bland

on Dear All by Maggie Anderson

on full-metal indigiqueer by Joshua Whitehead

on Invocation to Daughters by Barbara Jane Reyes

Southerners, Snakes, and Me 


Hints of Insurrection: a Conversation with Stephen Dunn

The Obsessions, the Overall Work: An Interview with James Reston Jr.

Why If and Why When?—An Interview with Marvin Bell and Christopher Merrill Concerning Their Correspondence-in-Paragraphs

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