Summer 2020



Summer 2020

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On My Therapist, Late in This Life


Playing Minimalism: Arvo Pärt, Sacred Sound, and Several Different Keyboards


A Kiss for the Absolute & The Cactus Brothers, translated from the Japanese by Mary Jo Bang and Yuki Tanaka

Achilles; On Being Thrown from a Horse at 49; & Verge

Amazon; Forests; Monarch; Quiet; & Yoga

Ashes and Quartz; What I Should Have Told the Hypnotist; CBD Dream on 9/11; & Percocet Dream after Root-Canal Surgery

Olm & Where But to Think Is to Be Full of Sorrow

Out of Nothingness; Harakiri; Treatise on Passion and Adulation; & Water Riddle, translated from the Arabic by Thoraya El-Rayyes

Self-Portrait of an Arizona Snowman; Letter to Antarctica as One Big Polaroid Slide Developing Spring; Small Talk of a Scarecrow; Self-Portrait of an Abominable Snowman in Ski Game; Sticky Note to the Moon; & These Leaders Are Here for You

The Murmuring Grief of the Americas [You are on the ground] & The Murmuring Grief of the Americas [there are children crossing the river]

Why I No Longer Care for T-Blockers; Libélulas; & The Rupture in the Crust



Kaleidoscopic Consciousness

Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place

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