Summer 2024



Summer 2024

Table of Contents

To Our Readers

To Our Readers


A Ferment of Existence: Ethics, Friendship, and the Better Life

Daughter of a Paper Son: True Confessions of a Fake Gemini

Franklin Odo: Flâneur of Asian American History

The Queen Esther Theory of Gardening and VHS Tapes of Death


All the Other Demons

Automatic Return


To Rest Our Minds and Bodies



Blue Zenith

Coronado Beach; The World Doesn’t End; & On Eating

ENGL1102 & Look at Them

Iodine; At the Pripyat Hospital; & My Hematologist Listens to My Love Songs

Memo to the Man Who Spat on Me & To My Future Child, Concerning Your Family History

Now That I Am Closer to Thirty-Nine than Thirty-Eight, I Have Located a Psychological Evaluation from the Summer I Turned Fifteen

On the Road to Skye; Mustache; & Positioning

Petunia; Bringing in the garden on the night of the first frost; & After Taking Out a Splinter

Poem of the mind in the act of finding lag & The rising sea of available dukedoms

Symbolon; Balaklava; Album amicorum; & Devotional Image and Eating-Paper, translated from the German by Monika Cassel

Winterberries; California Avenue; & The Oilers