Winter 1979


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Winter 1979

Table of Contents


A Master Class: From the Correspondence of Caroline Gordon and Flannery O’Connor

A Portrait of the Artist as Mother: Harriette Arnow and “The Dollmaker”

Eudora Welty and the City of Man

Flannery O’Connor and “The Business of the Purified Mind”

Gertrude Stein and the Problems of Autobiography

Looking Back at the First Story

The Quality of Mercy, or Mrs. Warren’s Profession


A Country Girl

Death of a Traveling Salesman

Fra Lippi and Me


from Painting the House

A Fugue


Back Country

Chippewa Jack, the Mayor, and Jimmy McFee

Empty Glass

Epilogue & Prologue


Herbs in the Attic

Ice Fishing

If Justice Moved

In the Taxidermist’s Shop

Letter to a Censor

Mardi Gras Reverie


Not Going Out Today

Nothing Happened

Shared Visions

Small Town

The Dark Hinges



Mattie Lou O’Kelley: American Folk Artist


“It Really Happened” (on The Diary of “Helena Morley.” “Neglected Books of the Twentieth Century” series by Elizabeth Bishop)

on A Christina Stead Reader by Jean B. Read

on Silences by Tillie Olsen

on The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations by Christopher Lasch

on The Love Child by Eve Shelnutt

on Tragic Realism and Modern Society: Studies in the Sociology of the Modern Novel by John Orr

The History of an Illusion (on The History of Sexuality; Volume I: An Introduction by Michel Foucault, Robert Hurley; & A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments by Roland Barthes, Richard Howard)

The Teller as the Tale (on Sleepless Nights by Elizabeth Hardwick; & Three: An Unfinished Woman, Pentimento, Scoundrel Time by Lillian Hellman)

Triptych of Excellence (on The Sitwells: A Family’s Biography by John Pearson)

Violence, Imagery, and Introspection (on Killing Floor by Ai; The Five Stages of Grief by Linda Pastan; & Natural Histories by Leslie Ullman)