Winter 1993



Winter 1993

Table of Contents

Special Feature

Rediscovering “Family Chronicle” by Charles Reznikoff

Rediscovering “Goodbye to a River” by John Graves

Rediscovering “Hermit of Peking” by Hugh Trevor-Roper

Rediscovering “My Soul Is Rested” by Howell Raines

Rediscovering “The Immediate Experience” by Robert Warshow

Rediscovering “The People of the Abyss” by Jack London

Rediscovering “We Who Are About to Die” by David Lamson

Rediscovering Symbolism: “Its Meaning and Effect” by Alfred North Whitehead

Styles & Variations (on The Widow’s Boy by Dev Hathaway; The Price of Eggs by Anne Panning; Isobars by Janette Turner Hospital; Like Love, But not Exactly by François Camoin; The Mountains Won’t Remember Us by Robert Morgan; & The Real Thing by Doris Lessing)


Travel, Art, and Death


Blue Grass

Buffalo Calf

Fleur’s Luck

Running for Your Life


Between Grief and Nothing

End sheet

Eurydice Spoke to Orpheus Mostly in Prose

Gauguin in Kansas

Kansas: Stories & Refinement

Lines for Eudora

Speaking in Tongues

The Attack

The Blue Coat

The Revisionist: On Noah’s Ark

Timshel: Thou Mayest

What Some People Won’t Do

Who Flies, Who Swims


Let Me Count the Ways: Five Love Poets (on The Past Won’t Stay Behind You by Samuel Hazo; What Keeps Us Here by Allison Joseph; Dead, Dinner, or Naked by Evan Zimroth; Maybe It Was So by Reginald Gibbons; & After World by Christine Garren)

on Between Towns by Laurie Kutchins

on Comic Moments by Fred Miller Robinson

on I Had a Father: A Post-Modern Autobiography by Clark Blaise

on Jefferson: A Novel by Max Byrd

on No Heroics, Please: Uncollected Writings by Raymond Carver and William L. Stull

on The Teachings of Don B.: The Satires, Parodies, Fables, Illustrated Stories, and Plays of Donald Barthelme by Kim Herzinger and Thomas Pynchon

Writing Lives (on The Silent Woman by Janet Malcolm; Pilgrim in the Ruins: A Life of Walker Percy by Jay Tolson; Barbara Pym: A Critical Biography by Anne M. Wyatt-Brown; Elizabeth Bishop: Life and the Memory of It by Brett C. Millier; & City Poet: The Life and Times of Frank O’Hara by Brad Gooch)