Winter 2021



Winter 2021

Table of Contents

To Our Readers

To Our Readers


Is the First Technological Question the Question of Nipples?


Sacred Returns: Garrett Hongo’s “Ancestral Graves, Kahuku”


Slow-Dancing with 45s

Women’s Work



The [Unintelligible]

The Cuckoo, translated from the Russian by Samuel Page

The Fur Handbag


Ancestral Graves, Kahuku

Before; Back Seat; & On the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Commemoration, March 25, 2021

Burning Mountain; Garden; The Wild; Summer; Strawberries; & December Night

Children’s Illustrated Bible; More Than Love; & Dad Said He Knew How to Weld

Hans Christian Andersen Feared Being Buried Alive; My Dulcimer Teacher Joellen Works as a Psychotherapist; & The Copper Pillowcase

Homecoming; Molotov; Black Friday; & Open Water

Hot Draft; Mount Sinai Hospital; & In Defense of Volumizing

Hundreds, Perhaps Thousands; Watching a Student Leader Speak, Age Ten; & The Houses Reconsolidation Built

Love Root; Iphigenia at Birmingham, 1963; Lakota Grammar; & Atlantic Crosses

Pith; Exposure; Censor; & Elision

Pranām / Obeisance; Radial; Nāranga aurantium; & Elegy as Lies Unrevealed at the Toledo Amtrak Station

The News with Cancer and Parakeets & The News According to Psychoanalysis

The Norse King Ivar the Boneless; Diagnosis can be confirmed through DNA . . . ; Work; & Glass-Bone