Kaleidoscopic Consciousness

By Doron Langberg

“Be Unpredictable, Be Real, Be Interesting, Tell a Good Story!” (with an interview by C.J. Bartunek)

By Eddie Arroyo

A Lower Deep

By Michi Meko

“What I Find Funny Is Too Dark to Say Out Loud” (with an interview by C. J. Bartunek)

By Dhruvi Acharya

“A Starting Point” (with an introduction by Katie Geha)

By Toyin Ojih Odutola

“As Complicated and Elusive as Reality”: María Berrio’s Many-Layered Collages (with an interview by C. J. Bartunek)

By María Berrio

Conjuring the Past: Cy Gavin’s Bermuda Paintings

By Cy Gavin

Fields of Sight

By Gauri Gill & Rajesh Vangad

A Constant State of Migration

By Dustin Yellin