Winter 2022



Winter 2022

Table of Contents

To Our Readers

To Our Readers


Brainstorm, translated from the French by Christine Gutman

It all melts down to this: a novel in timelines (chapter 7)

She’ll Become Dust

Spirit Board, translated from the Chinese by Mary King Bradley

Voices of the Heroic Spirits, part I, translated from the Japanese by Paul McCarthy


A Guide to Seed Propagation in Hawai‘i; The Thing about Paradise; & Every Day the World

Diaspora Sonnet 20; Diaspora Sonnet 21; Diaspora Sonnet 22; Diaspora Sonnet 23; & Diaspora Sonnet 24

Eviction; nostalgia; Purblind; The Troubles; Severance; & elegy for the moaner, 2016

O My Worry, I Reach for Your Hand; O Gratitude, I Empty My Cup; & On the Spectrum of Intimacy

Syrinx, or The Kiss & Translating the Gayatri Mantra in Varkala

The Mail; Account; A Note about the Cinderella Pumpkins; & Luck

Via Lactea