Fall 2022


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Fall 2022

Table of Contents

To Our Readers

To Our Readers


Domestic Rituals, translated from the Spanish by Samantha Schnee

Gainesville, 1995

Granny Wild Goose, translated from the Korean by Joon-Li Kim and Doo-Sun Ryu

Her Generous Body

Other People

Women of a Certain Kind


All-American Ghazal; Six Ways to Use a Recycling Bin; & On God

Anemone; Misreading the Precipice; & April, after The Oresteia

Bar Null

Ember Days

July 22: Geology; Millet’s Flight of Crows: Five Ways to View a Drawing; & Dearest Friend:Regarding Esther Frumkin

Last Apocrypha of Ana Mendieta; Ideas for Silhouettes; Promenade through the Private Museum; & Curatorship, translated from the Spanish by Nancy Naomi Carlson and Esperanza Hope Snyder

Lucidity in White Space & Lucidity in Space; & At War with Language

Outside the Realm of Unconcealment

Outside; Alienation and the Norm; & A Detailed Reduction of Children with Disabilities

The Vessel; Secret Concert; & Sea Walk

Two Women & Sampler