Fall 2022



Fall 2022

Table of Contents

To Our Readers

To Our Readers


Pliny Redux

Roethke’s Notes

Where I Went Wrong


Domestic Rituals, translated from the Spanish by Samantha Schnee

Gainesville, 1995

Granny Wild Goose, translated from the Korean by Joon-Li Kim and Doo-Sun Ryu

Her Generous Body

Other People

Women of a Certain Kind


All-American Ghazal; Six Ways to Use a Recycling Bin; & On God

Anemone; Misreading the Precipice; & April, after The Oresteia

Bar Null

Ember Days

July 22: Geology; Millet’s Flight of Crows: Five Ways to View a Drawing; & Dearest Friend:Regarding Esther Frumkin

Last Apocrypha of Ana Mendieta; Ideas for Silhouettes; Promenade through the Private Museum; & Curatorship, translated from the Spanish by Nancy Naomi Carlson and Esperanza Hope Snyder

Lucidity in White Space & Lucidity in Space; & At War with Language

Outside the Realm of Unconcealment

Outside; Alienation and the Norm; & A Detailed Reduction of Children with Disabilities

The Vessel; Secret Concert; & Sea Walk

Two Women & Sampler

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