All the Other Demons

[The abject] is simply a frontier, a repulsive gift that the Other, having become alter ego, drops so that the “I” does not disappear in it but finds, in that sublime alienation, a forfeited existence.

—Julia Kristeva, Powers of Horror:

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a. Driving Home from the Night Shift, Our Mother
    Listens to Hank Williams’ “Lost Highway”

She cracks the window,
letting the cold air

slap her awake. Cranking
the radio, she sings

along as she leans
into the burn of …

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The Things That Bury Us

Let’s take a moment to talk about Nnamdi Odimegwu, whose father when he was alive was called Jonas Odimegwu—a man full of himself and full of life, who stayed mostly at home on weekdays, went out in the evenings to …

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Touring the Abyss

Dear reader,

The places, the hosts, the students have all started to blur together, I have to admit. I want to remember, but that has become increasingly difficult, especially during the pandemic when talks all went virtual. All the Zooms …

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