Winter 2023



Winter 2023

Table of Contents

To Our Readers

To Our Readers


An Instant; Because of Cod Liver Oil; & Zipping Up, translated from the Chinese by Shanna Tan

Butter Chicken


From Ormerod, translated from the French by Betsy Wing

Horse with Tornado

Marta Again



Breakfast over Ikutaro

Calamity Days

Disconnect & When We Were Destined

During Our Honeymoon; Nymphéas; Going Bare; & Scars

Epithalamion in the Wake; Elders Speak of the Windchimes; & Anti-Elegy for the Trees

N°6 & N°8

Speaking Silence & What is it to be happy, after all?

The Coarse and the Exquisite; Liang Qiwei; Night in the Affected Area; Anecdote; & Side Entrance, translated from the Chinese by George O’Connell and Diana Shi

To a Friend Who Reads Poetry; First Ride; & Familiar Patterns

Topography of Voids