Genre: Fiction

Her Generous Body

Always, the light from the holes in the aluminum roof woke Namanya. After a moment of nothingness, she felt the ache in her back, turned in bed, and came to herself. Her back was urging her to stop bending over …

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The Assassin

“All I ask is that you behave,” Roman says as he gets ready to step out. 


He is a new lecturer with a one-year contract in the Slavic Studies Department at Alabama University, which has tasked him with coordinating …

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The [Unintelligible]

Men are coming to take Mom’s bed. 

Her quilts and blankets and sheets and throws are covered with cigarette burn holes. I strip the bed and fill four big black garbage bags and cram them in her closet whose door …

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The Fur Handbag

With gratitude to Pu Songling


Before the fur handbag, gorgeous Canton Therien would never look at me. I had a massive, irrepressible crush on her that must have shown in the way I stared. I knew my staring was …

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Copper Queen

That was the summer I fell in love with two men no one could tell apart. “The twins,” people called them, though they were not twins, were not even related, and also, they didn’t look that much alike. We were …

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