Maxine Kumin: Making Contact

The Concord Monitor recently ran a two-part interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Maxine Kumin—here are parts one and two—and we were reminded of the wonderful package of photos Maxine sent us to go through when we were preparing to print her essay in our Winter 2012 issue, “Metamorphosis: From Light Verse to the Poetry of Witness.” Not all of the images could go to press, of course, but Maxine did let us hold on to two contact sheets, and she was kind enough to allow us to use them here. We left the red grease pencil marks on them, too—from some earlier time—for posterity’s sake.

Here’s Kumin at home in Newton, Massachusetts, in the late 1950s, in her office, and with her children:



And here’s Kumin again, during the same shoot, at work in her office:



All photos © by Carl Chiarenza. Do not reproduce without permission.