When a bolt of lightning falls in love & Gargoyle


When a bolt of lightning falls in love


with an old woman, sex is reinvented 
as the world’s first toaster oven. 

When lightning falls in love with a middle-
aged woman, lightning gives 

birth to an electric guitar. When 
lightning falls in love 

with a married man, his wife becomes 
an arsonist. When lightning falls 

in love with an arsonist, she
gives birth to a son. When 

lightning falls in love with my son, I wake up 
to the streaking comet-scream of the fire alarm 

in the hallway of a motel 
on the wrong side of an ocean, and

I think, Thank God. I think: all
this lightning has always had 

a plan, and if lightning can make plans, and if 
lightning, like lightning’s plans, goes on, and

will go on 
after I’ve gone—then 

my own lightning’s work here is almost done. 


Laura Kasischke’s tenth poetry collection, Lightning Falls in Love, will be published in 2022 by Copper Canyon Press. She teaches in the University of Michigan’s Residential College.