Fall 1970



Fall 1970

Table of Contents


Cozzens and Saroyan: A Look at Two Reputations

Postscript To Appomattox: My Grandpa and Decoration Day

The Friendship of Helen Keller and Mark Twain

Timon in Tennessee: The Moral Fervor of George Washington Harris

Up Top Amongst None: Life in the Georgia Appalachians: Part Three


The Breaking of the String

Three-Acre Plot


Country Campus

Poems after Homecoming

Saying Goodbye to White People & A Black Man Looks at Boston


Boom: Recent Poetry from University Presses (on Decade by Norman Holmes Pearson; Sleep Watch by Richard Tillinghast; The Day the Perfect Speakers Left by Leonard Nathan; A Choice of Attitudes by Gray Burr; Blood Rights by Samuel Hazo; Selected Poems by Fazil Hüsnü Daglarca, Talät Sait Halman; The Invention of New Jersey by Jack Anderson; First Practice by Gary Gildner; Day Sailing by David Slavitt; Bunch Grass by Robert Sund; & Encounter on Burrows Hill by Conrad Hilberry

on Essays in Musicology in Honor of Dragan Plamenac on His 70th Birthday by Gustave Reese, Robert J. Snow

on Hawthorne’s Imagery by Richard Harter Fogle

on John Crowe Ransom by Thornton H. Parsons

on Motiveless Malignity by Louis Auchincloss

on The Dissenting Academy by Theodore Roszak

on The Notebooks of Thomas Wolfe by Richard S. Kennedy, Paschal Reeves

on The Role of Mind in Hugo, Faulkner, Beckett, and Grass by Martha O’Nan

on Thomas Wolfe’s Albatross: Race And Nationality in America by Paschal Reeves

on Tragedy and Melodrama: Versions of Experience by Robert Bechtold Heilman