Fall 1980



Fall 1980

Table of Contents


American Theater Watch, 1979-1980

Authors and Authority in Interpretation

Calcutta: Notes on a Homecoming

Limits, Myths, and Morals

Parabiography: The Varieties of Critical Experience

The Fates of Interpretation

The Rebirth of Greek Tragedy and the Decline of the Humanities


28 Hours in an Open Boat by Stephen Crane

The Ring


A Small Gathering

Dark Craving

Feeding the Stranger’s Fire

His Letters

Last Words to James Wright

Of the Ocean

Old Man Thinking of Small Breasts

Projection: Milk and Memory

Saying Her Name

The Competitors

The Still Lifes of Giorgio Morandi

The Tomb of Stéphan Mallarmé

The Vanishing Street

This Place

Tiwi Woman

Universal Donor

Woman at the Window


Lewis Hine in Georgia


Is Literature Still Worth Discussing? (on Critical Understanding: The Power and Limits of Pluralism by Wayne C. Booth)

on The Harvest Festival by Sean O’Casey

on The Inadvertent Epic: From Uncle Tom’s Cabin to Roots by Leslie A. Fiedler

on William Carlos Williams and the American Scene, 1920-1940 by Dickran Tashjian

Painting, Picasso, and Politics (on About Looking by John Berger; The Success and Failure of Picasso by John Berger; & Ways of Seeing by John Berger)

The Untranslatable Poetry of Yvor Winters (on The Collected Poems of Yvor Winters)

The World at Hand (on Sure Signs: New and Selected Poems by Ted Kooser; This Tree Will Be Here for a Thousand Years by Robert Bly; Any Body’s Song by Joseph Langland; & The Everlastings by Norman Dubie)