Spring 1969


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Spring 1969

Table of Contents


“Bartleby” and “The Raven”: Parallels of the Irrational

Georgia and the American Revolution: Three Shades of Opinion

Modernism and Subjectivity

The Ambiguous Auction Block

The Anti-Transcendentalism of “Moby-Dick”

The Black Ghost of White-Oak Fork: A Romance


The Birthday

The Gift


December Frost

Harvests & Power Failure

In Retrospect: Oedipus to the Sphinx


Rain Talk & Celebration for an Infant Child





on America’s Political Dilemma: From Limited to Unlimited Democracy by Gottfried Dietze

on Corra Harris: Lady of Purpose by John E. Talmadge

on Emerson and Thoreau: Transcendentales in Conflict by Joel Porte

on Fielding and the Nature of the Novel by Robert Alter

on Fires in the In-Basket: The ABC’s of the State Department by John P. Leacacos

on Georgia Voices: A Documentary History to 1872 by Spencer B. King, Jr.

on Heav’n’s First Law: Rhetoric and Order in Pope’s Essay on Man by Martin I. Kallich

on John Crowe Ransom: Critical Essays and a Bibliography by Thomas Daniel Young

on Jonathan Swift as a Tory Pamphleteer by Richard Cook

on Regionalism and Beyond: Essays of Randall Stewart by George Core, Norman Holmes Pearson

on Shakespeare and the Earl of Southampton by G. V. P. Akrigg

on Stephen Crane: A Biography by R. W. Stallman

on The Eloquent “I”: Style and Self in Seventeenth-Century Prose by Joan Webber

on The Far Family by Wilma Dykeman

on The Private City by Sam Bass Warner, Jr.

on The Random House Unabridged Dictionary

on Thomas Nast: Political Cartoonist by J. Chal Vinson