Summer 1966


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Summer 1966

Table of Contents


Bells for John Stewart’s Burden: A Sermon upon the Desirable Death of the “New Provincialism” Here Typified

H. Rider Haggard

Hunting in the Old South, edited by Clarence Gohdes

Master Teacher—Master Builder

Our Policies Affecting Africa and the Caribbean

The Public’s Responsibility to the American Landscape


The Dummy

Too Soon Solos

Uncle Felix and the Party Emblem


And Who for Man?

Canvas Mysteries

Redeeming Feature

Song of the Marxist Critic

To Emily Dickinson


on Katherine Anne Porter by George Hendrick

on Southern Sketches From Virginia, 1881-1901 by Orra Langhorne, Charles E. Wynes

on The Liberation of Lord Byron Jones by Jesse Hill Ford

on Thomas Holcroft and The Revolutionary Novel by Rodney M. Baine