Maria Bose

Maria Bose is an assistant professor of media and cultural studies at Clemson University. She is currently completing “Cinema’s Hegemony,” a study of cinema’s primacy to an unfolding phase of Asia-led global political economy, and beginning a new project on cinematic video games. She serves as treasurer on the board of the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present.

Maria Bose


on Death Stranding, created by Hideo Kojima  

“I brought you a metaphor,” quips a character named “Fragile,” as she hands Death Stranding’s protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, a golden mask that resembles a human skull. Fragile is inheritor and chief executive of Fragile Express, a shipping company tasked with delivering supplies to human survivors of a cataclysmic event—the eponymous “Death Stranding”—that eradicated huge […]

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