Katie Kane

Katie Kane is a writer, activist, and professor of cultural studies, English literature, and globalization and colonial studies at the University of Montana. She is the cultural editor of Lavil: Life, Love, and Death in Port-au-Prince (McSweeney’s Voice of Witness Book Series, 2017), and she has published critical work and fiction in journals such as Cultural Studies, Critical Inquiry, and Black Warrior Review. Kane is at work on a study of the legislative and literary history of the reservation, and she is completing a collection of short stories based in her home state of North Dakota.


on WHEREAS by Layli Long Soldier

Whereas speaking itself is defiance. —Layli Long Soldier I. In the discourse of law the term whereas signals a recitation of the important context in a formal or contractual document—but it also represents non-binding language. In the discourse of a contract or a treaty, a whereas clause is an introductory statement that means something akin […]

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