Fall 1966


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Fall 1966

Table of Contents


“The Best Residuum of Truth”

Donald Davidson and the Dynamics of Nostalgia

Faulkner’s “The Bear”: Some Notes on Form

Hunting in the Old South: Original Narratives Of The Hunters

Rendezvous with Wesleyan’s Past

Thomas Nelson Page: Creator of a Virginia Classic

Who’s Afraid of “Tiny Alice?”


Image of Departure

Mike Hooter’s Bar Story: A Yazoo Sketch

The Patriot Son


A Poem for My Daughter


Dark and Dark

Emily Dickinson on Sleep

If This Be All


Judah P. Benjamin’s Loyalty to Jefferson Davis


on Names in South Carolina. Vol. XII

on Segment of a View by Edward Krickel

on Sketches of Some of the First Settlers of Upper Georgia, of the Cherokees, and the Author Indexed edition by George R. Gilmer

on The Oxford Companion to American Literature. Fourth Edition by James D. Hart

on Views from a Ferris-Wheel by Robert Wallace