Winter 2016



Winter 2016

Table of Contents


from If & When

Boy on Living Room Floor, 2015

How to Fix a Broken Heart, or The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths

Inside the Conch Shell


A Brutal Faith

Crossroads of America

Linguistic Fallacies and Facial Tics, Sex Ed and Death

On This Day You Are All Your Ages

Wig Violence


After Chemo

Let’s Say

On Mother’s Suicide

Portrait of Poet in Stroller and Awe; From the Book of Accounts; & High Country, First Night


So you will never find me

The Mole

Valley of Knowledge


(In)justice of the Place: Design and Pattern in Contemporary Political Poetry

Feasting on Surprise, Caught Fast in Pictures (on Rachael Z. DeLue’s Arthur Dove: Always Connect; Robert Walser’s Looking at Pictures, translated by Susan Bernofsky, Lydia Davis, and Christopher Middleton; and Julian Barnes’s Keeping an Eye Open: Essays on Art)

on The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes

on The Other One by Hasanthika Sirisena