Fall 1978


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Fall 1978

Table of Contents


American Theater Watch, 1977-1978

Escape from Fiction: Literature and Didacticism

From Transcendence to Obsolescence: A Route Map

Hope and Myth in a World of Scarcity

Random Thoughts on Southern Literature, Southern Politics, and the American Future

Some Recent Pentecostal Revivals: A Report in Words and Photographs

The Problem of Poe


Doing This, Saying That, To Applause


Wild Goose Chase


An Evening When the Full Moon Rose as the Sun Set & Walking Where the Plows Have Been Turning

And So It Begins Again


John Singleton Mosby (1833-1916)

Letter: A Family Man Explains His Adultery


Moving Out

Moving Still

Playing in the Mines

Robert Schumann, or: Musical Genius Begins with Affliction

Thanksgiving, Growing Older

The Curious Cold & Animation and Ego

The Embroidery


Waking to Music

What You Already Know


on 31 Letters and 13 Dreams by Richard Hugo; Houses and Travellers by W. S. Merwin; & This Body is Made of Camphor and Gopherwood by Robert Bly

on Die Salzburger Emigration in Bildern [the Salzburger Emigration In Pictures]: Schriften Des Nordostdeutschen Kulturwerks e. V. by Angelika Marsch

on Fact and Fiction: The New Journalism and the Nonfiction Novel by John Hollowell

on Reflexivity in Tristram Shandy: An Essay in Phenomenological Criticism by James E. Swearingen

on Selected Letters of Conrad Aiken by Joseph Killorin

on The Difference between Night and Day by Bin Ramke; Palm Reading in Winter by Ira Sadoff; Alive and Taking Names by Colette Inez; & To a Blossoming Pear Tree by James Wright

Photography as Myth / Photography as History (on On Photography by Susan Sontag; & Time in a Frame: Photography and the Nineteenth-century Mind by Alan Thomas)

Seeing Georgia Double (on Georgia: A Bicentennial History by Harold H. Martin; & A History of Georgia by Kenneth Coleman, Numan V. Bartley, William F. Holmes, F. N. Boney, Phinizy Spalding, Charles E. Wynes)

The Critical Rule of Thumb (on Charles Dickens: His Tragedy and Triumph by Edgar Johnson; Dickens of London by Wolf Mankowitz; Dickens on the Romantic Side of Familiar Things by Robert Newsom; & Allegory in Dickens by Jane Vogel)