Fall 2018 / Winter 2018



Fall 2018 / Winter 2018

Table of Contents

Special Feature

Coal, Natural Gas, “Other Material,” and Whiskey: Hydrofracturing Country, USA

Commensals: Theme and Variations

Darwin and Dickinson among the Heliotropes

Is All Writing Environmental Writing?

Rebellions of the Body, Creations of the Mind


The Carcass Chronicle

The Remembered Past in a Changing World



She Did Not Speak

The Disquiet of Now


An Escalation


Mi Corazón Es Su Corazón


Sideways with Saint Peter

Standard Hole

Toba Khedoori’s Untitled (Table and Chair) (1999)

What Anyone Would Feel


[What fool denies the inner life of a whale? ]

A Fire & Prayer from the Desert

Apocalypse with Crumbs

Earth Obituary

Flat Earth Dream Soliloquy

Hired as Professional Mourner at Funeral

I keep a weather station in my head

just another horse poem

Kind of Thing That Happens When Nothing Happens

Lines During the Solstice


Lotioning My Mother’s Back

Nets: A Symposium & Resilience

Red-Billed Firefinch & Dearest Creature

Saving a life

Somewhere in the Meadow Is Everything; Address to the Meadow in the Dusk; & Elegy Beginning with a Text from My Brother

The Quarry

The Rats

We Could See


Now You See Me: Three Asian-American Poets on Visibility

on A Carnival of Losses: Notes Nearing Ninety by Donald Hall

on Fossils in the Making by Kristin George Bagdanov

on Quickening Fields by Pattiann Rogers

on The Book of the Dead by Muriel Rukeyser

on The Dean of Discipline by Michael Waters

The Reflected, Refracted Self (on Tarfia Faizullah’s Registers of Illuminated Villages; Vievee Francis’s Forest Primeval; Gabrielle Calvocoressi’s Rocket Fantastic; and Airea D. Matthews’ Simulacra)

The Ways People Live

Writing and the Corporate University (on Jenny Boully’s Betwixt and Between: Essays on the Writing Life and Keywords; for Further Consideration and Particularly Relevant to Academic Life, Especially as It Concerns Inter-Disciplinary Endeavor, and Modes of Resistance to the Same, authored by a Community of Inquiry, edited by D. Graham Burnett, Matthew Rickard, and Jessica Terekhov)


Can I Tell You Something Funny?—An Interview with George Singleton