Spring 2004



Spring 2004

Table of Contents

Special Feature


Benediction: On Being Boswell’s Boswell

Despite This Pearl

Rilke’s Rodin


14 rue Serpentine

Disputanta to Zuni

Gypsy Fiddle; Horton’s Store; & Summertime


Metes and Bounds & Boy Hunting in Bog

Nap Time

Ode to the Perineum

Rhumba & Samba Summer

Strangers in This City Where We Have Come Seeking a Cure for Her Cancer; My Daughter and I Drive Up to the Clinic; & The Widow Speaks

The Garden of Consummation

To the Occupant of Apartment 6X

Warren’s Flowers

Winter’s Tale


Eastman’s Rodin


Batter My Heart (on Lot of My Sister by Alison Stine; The Scottish Café by Susan H. Case; Three by Stephen Philbrick; Rendered into Paradise by Jean Feraca; Lost River by James Tate; A Tree Ogham by Marcia L. Hurlow; Earthbound and Singing to the Garden by Roger Pfingston; and Light Made from Nothing by Susan Elbe)

on Library: An Unquiet History by Matthew Battles

on Lives of the Artists by Dennis Vannatta

on Mailman by J. Robert Lennon

on Notes from a Divided Country by Suji Kwock Kim

Second Thoughts: On Rereading Robert Lowell (on Collected Poems by Robert Lowell, Frank Bidart, and David Gewanter)

The Vigil of Astonishment (on The Mercy Seat: Collected and New Poems, 1967-2001 by Norman Dubie)