Summer 1984



Summer 1984

Table of Contents


Bohemia Revisited: Malcolm Cowley, Jack Kerouac, and On the Road

Existentialism Here and Now

Hemingway’s Wound—And Its Consequences for American Literature

History, Nostalgia, and the Criminality of Popular Culture

Revisionism with Rancor: The Threat of the Neoconservative Critics


All Set About with Fever Trees

It Could Happen



A Dislike for Flowers

Before Divorce




My Swallows

One on One

Painting a Madonna


T. S. Eliot’s Dinners


Teaching My Students Prosody

The Creation of the Inaudible

The Dig

The Prejohn

The Second Story

The Tremors at Balvano

The Window

Watching the Nighthawk’s Dive


Representative Georgians


Going to Extremes (on The Work of Atget: The Ancien Régime by John Szarkowski, Maria Morris; Mountains of the Middle Kingdom by Galen Rowell; Worlds in a Small Room by Irving Penn; &El Salvador by Harry Mattison, Susan Meiselas, Fae Rubinstein, Carolyn Forché)

on Austin and Mabel: The Amherst Affair and Love Letters of Austin Dickinson and Mabel Loomis Todd by Polly Longsworth

on Sea Lanes Out by Richard Hugo

on Seeing Is Believing: How Hollywood Taught Us to Stop Worrying and Love the Fifties by Peter Biskind

on Sorting Metaphors by Ricardo Pau-Llosa

on The Marriage of Emily Dickinson by William H. Shurr

on The Oxford Book of Dreams by Stephen Brook

on Wilderness Plots: Tales About the Settlement of the American Land by Scott R. Sanders

Poetry Chapbooks: Fact, Fiction, and Forecast (on Glass Walker by Imogene L. Bolls; Making Wings by Christopher Bursk; The Mythology of Dark and Light by Hayden Carruth; Daily Horoscope by Dana Gioia; Upstairs Window by Judith Kitchen; At the House of the Tin Man by Robert McDowell; Turning Out the Stones by Marc Harshman;Any Act of Leaving by Susan Powell; Across Water by Nancy Simpson; &amp The Stories In The Light by Michael Waters)