Summer 1996



Summer 1996

Table of Contents


A Divine Blindness

Image: Hand and Eye

The Lake

Winged Man and Flying Ships: Of Medieval Flying Journeys and Eternal Dreams of Flight (translated by Steve Hartman)


Elegy for Miss Beagle

Sad Hour

The Talk Talked Between Worms


Elbow Notes


For the Second

Hermit Crab

Homage to Szymon Laks

Letter to Hugo from Later

Listening to Casals & All at Once Gone into Another

Nothing Human

Postcards to an Aphorist


The Daily News

The Fourth of July

The Plot

The Queen of Sheba

Under Water


Write Funnier Jokes


There and Back


Avoiding the Avid Copiers: Six Recent Chapbooks (on Rooms by the Sea by Mary Ann Samyn; News of Loss by Robert DeMott; The Country’s Way with Rain by Margot Fortunato Galt; The Family Way by Richard Frost; Shorelines by Peter Makuck; and Ribbon Around a Bomb by Lucinda Grey)

on Housekeeping in a Dream by Laura Kasischke

on Listening to Mozart by Charles Wyatt

on Museums of the Mind: Magritte’s Labyrinth and Other Essays in the Arts by Ellen Handler Spitz

The Ladybug and the Universe (on Passing Through: The Later Poems, New and Selected by Stanley Kunitz; New and Selected Poems by Donald Justice; Odd Mercy by Gerald Stern; & Honorable Amendments by Michael S. Harper)