Winter 1969


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Winter 1969

Table of Contents


Edd Winfield Parks: In Memoriam, I

Edd Winfield Parks: In Memoriam, II

Edd Winfield Parks: In Memoriam, III

Edd Winfield Parks: In Memoriam, IV

Identity: An Existential Fallacy?



Dog Is God Spelled Backwards


An Excursion to the Seashore

Bottom of the Barrel; Landscape with Spanish Moss; Oiler; Wallflowers; & Descending

Express to Stockholm

On the Death of a Lady

Part of Loving’s Leaving


A Dim View of Faulkner’s Country: An Essay-Review (on Yoknapatawpha: Faulkner’s ‘Little Postage Stamp of Native Soil’ by Elizabeth Kerr)

on A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Southern Literature by Louis D. Rubin, Jr.

on Emily Dickinson: The Critical Revolution by Klaus Lubbers

on Essays and Reviews by Thomas H. Carter, James Boatwright, Ashley Brown

on Freud and the Critic by Claudia C. Morrison

on John Skelton by Nan Cooke Carpenter

on Joseph Conrad’s Fiction: A Study in Literary Growth by John A. Palmer

on Marcel Proust and Deliverance from Time by Germaine Brée, C. J. Richards, A. D. Truitt

on The Civilizational Process by Darcy Ribeiro

on The Fiction of Stephen Crane by Donald Gibson

on The Mackenzie King Record, 1944-1945 by J. W. Pickersgill, D. F. Forster

on The Man from New York: John Quinn and His Friends by B. L. Reid

Richard Weaver Against the Establishment: An Essay Review (on The Southern Tradition at Bay: A History of Postbellum Thought by Richard M. Weaver, Donald Davidson, George Core, M. E. Bradford)